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    Hangzhou Gaoxiang Packaging Co., Ltd. was established in 1988, mainly engaged in a series of packaging products such as corrugated boxes and color printing packaging. Since 1996, it has been appraised by Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Export Commodities Inspection and Quarantine as "Designated Unit for Export Commodity Packaging"; Zhejiang Provincial Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau "Dangerous Package" designated unit, and passed ISO9001:2000 international quality in 2003 System Certification.

    product category

    • Carton


      It can prevent product damage and deformation, foreign matter mixing, dirt pollution, loss, loss and...

    • Gift Box

      Gift Box

      Gift boxes weaken the value of goods to a certain extent, and undoubtedly have a super high influenc...

    • Color Box

      Color Box

      The box-shaped design and beautifully printed color boxes have stronger visual impact when packaging...

    • Other


      It is used for special shape printing in different industries, including packaging products such as ...

    Disabled Supporting Enterprises

    Humanistic care that is different from other companies

    • Super Cost-Effective Products
    • Efficient And Punctual Logistics
    • Thoughtful pre-sale and after-sale service

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